Nokia 9500 Communicator

First thing to understand is that while the 9500 is a phone, it is also a computer running a very elegant and powerful operating system.  The legacy of the Psion is the availability of a vibrant freeware, shareware, and commercial software industry supporting the device.
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The community resources available are immense.  The following list is not exhaustive, but represents the places I have found to be useful.
3Lib - Steve Litchfield - The Granddaddy of EPOC sites
AgileMobile - free chat client
Breadbox - 95NBasePro data base and utilities
Corisoft - SmallBase database software
EPOCWARE - Power Data data base manager and other utilities
Mobipocket - e-books, news, reference
Memoware - E-Book Site
Odendahl SEPT Solutions - RSS and Newsreader
E-Book Creation Software
Project Gutenberg - e-texts for downloading to Nokia 9500
Free EPOC - Free software for Symbian and EPOC
jDictionary Mobile - Advanced English Dictionary AED
RMRSoft - banking and utility software
OPL Runtime Project - required to run OPL programs
PUTTY - TTY Open Source Project
Redshift - Games and File Manager
Nokia - LD-1W GPS Receiver
Lonely Cat Games - SmartMovie video player
Psiloc - 9500 Software
SymbianOS - Open Source progams
SymbianWare - utility and productivity software for the 9500
Yellow Computing - FTP and utility software
MAME game emulator
Doom, MAME, Frodo - game software for 9500
Doom How-to and Stuff
Doom - downloads
SOLUN - The Pocket Planetarium

The 9500 is the result of developments dating back to the late 1980's when Psion launched the revolutionary Series 3 PDA.  The evolution to today's smartphone was not straightforward or without incident. 

A good overview is available in this article from The Register., and an analysis of the various OS and UI permutations is here.
Nokia's official specs for the 9500 are here.
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Nokia AP - 9500 Main Page
Nokia -  9500 Software Support
Symbian Developer Resources
Symbian - Developer Resources
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Reviews, Forums, and Software for Symbian devices
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