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Sidekick 98
(When the old dog knows all the tricks)
Back in the mists of time (1984), an amazing program was released that made the newly available IBM PC actually useful.  It was called Sidekick, and it employed a clever bit of programming called TSR or "terminate and stay resident".  Read more here: When Old Software is Best - SK98

That original program went on to evolve, along with the operating system and equipment until 1997, when the best version was released as Sidekick 98.  To this day, there is no equivalent for ease of use and utility.
SK98 contains a database manager that can be exported to multiple formats including dBase, .csv, and .xls.

It has all the keyboard commands from WordStar.  It has a calendar, contacts manager, notetaking, Expenses, Earth Time, reporting, printing, labels, the list goes on.
Get Sidekick 98
Since I feel so strongly about this software, and despair over the modern alternatives, I have continued using it through all the releases of Windows since 95, tweaking and configuring to make it work with each new OS release.

If you would like to get a full working set of SK98, I have created a .zip file which contains the original install disks, all the patches released to update SK98, the original user manual in .pdf format, and a user guide explaining how to install and patch the software so that it runs on XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

Since I don't own the rights to the software, and I cannot locate the rights holder, I am assuming SK98 is Abandonware.  I charge a fee of US$50 for the user guide and creating the .zip file.  If you would like to purchase this package, please contact me by email: waleed at whanafi dot com.  I accept payment by PayPal and send the file immediately after funds are received.