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In April 1987, Mr. Hanafi founded Hutchison Mobile Data in association with Hutchison Telecom. The Company developed and deployed public wireless data networks in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  Customers included Federal Express, the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, and the Hong Kong Government.  The Company was sold to Motorola in 1993.

Mr. Hanafi also founded CompuServe Hong Kong, Hutchison Information Services, and served as a Director of Hutchison Telecom, responsible for wireless data and information services.
Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Mr. Hanafi graduated from the Canadian Junior College in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Carleton University in 1978. 

Upon graduation, he co-founded Waldan Technologies Corp., a computer consulting and emergency planning firm. The company specialized in developing and implementing systems for training officials in crisis management.
Mr. Hanafi sold his interest in Waldan, and joined the Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Internatonal Trade in 1980. 

He held various trade related assignments in Canada, and in August 1982,  was posted to Hong Kong as Assistant Trade Commissioner.  During his three year posting, he was responsible for promoting high technology exports and assisting Canadian firms with market intelligence. 
At the end of his posting, Mr. Hanafi founded FPF Technologies Limited in partnership with Fung Ping Fan Ltd.  FPF sold their interest in the firm to Mr. Hanafi in October, 1986.  Based in Hong Kong, FPFT engaged in China-trade,  provided PC consulting, software and systems design, as well as facilities management and training for clients
He was Chairman of the Hong Kong Telecom Association from 1991-1993, and founded SEAnet, a computer society which ran Hong Kong's first and largest public domain bulletin board service for computer users.
In September 1995, Mr. Hanafi joined Visa International Asia Pacific in Singapore.  As Group Manager - Network Services, he was responsible for Visa's telecommunications network in Asia Pacific.  The network provided highly reliable connectivity for Visa Member banks and supported corporate data, voice, and video conferencing facilities in 14 countries.
Recruited by ABN Amro in July 1999 to serve as Chief Information Officer - Asia Pacific,  Mr. Hanafi was promoted to EVP, Global Head - Technology Operations and Infrastructure in January 2001, with responsibility for the Bank's IT infrastructure in the Wholesale Strategic Business Unit.
Waleed A. Hanafi
Mr. Hanafi was recruited as the Chief Technology Officer at FailSafe Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd. in June 2002.  FailSafe provided facility-based disaster recovery, business continuity, and hosting services.  A shareholder conflict led to the Company entering voluntary liquidation at the end of November 2002.
Mr. Hanafi is married and has two children.
Waleed served as Chief Operating Officer of Behringer Holdings, a designer and manufacturer of professional audio equipment, from Dec. 2002 until Feb. 2005.  He was responsible for manufacturing, logistics, Information Technology, Internet Communications and Business Intelligence.  Based in Singapore, the Company had manufacturing facilities in China, R&D in Germany and the Philippines, and sales offices in Asia, North America, and Europe.
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Joining in 2006, Waleed led the IT function at Global Blue, creating the first unified platform for the company, and driving the transition from paper to online digital transactions. 

In 2012, Waleed became SVP - Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the Group's information technology strategy and technical product development.  He launched the first mobile apps, and created a cloud-based prototype for a next-generation refunding system.

Mr. Hanafi participated in two sales of the Company to successive private equity buyers.  The value of the firm increased from €180 million to €1 Billion over the 9 years.
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Waleed is currently the Managing Director at Aleviatec Pte. Ltd, a firm which provides consulting services to senior business and IT leaders.